Wednesday, August 04, 2010

NUM Founder As YOG Torch Bearer

Founder of Shenzi has been invited to be a Youth Olympic Games Torch Bearer.

Lets find out what Shenzi has to say about this once-in-a-life-time event.

What do you hope for through YOG?

Shenzi: I believe that YOG will serve as an inspiration for all the youths to see beyond what they are seeing right now. Through such a big scale international event, the young people will realize that they have the power and strength to influence and to inspire many people around them. I also hope that YOG would bring the world together through the friendships and sports.

How do you feel as a YOG torch bearer?

Shenzi: I am very proud to be appointed a torch bearer for the Olympic game. This is definitely a very cool experience. I hope that my role can continue to inspire more people around me, especially the youths. This will give me great motivation and strength to move forward and to continue to do great work that will continue to serve. I hope to represent not just NUM, but family members and friends in my life for believing in the way I have been living.

Lets all go and support and cheer for Shenzi!
Date: 10th August 2010
Time: 6:45pm
Venue: Lamp post 68/1 on Bedok Reservoir Road

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